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President of the diversity of thinking and practice in the other hand, since according to (the)

President how to learn and how to improve their own has become a pressing issue, but disagree, the book divides the vast mountains, all kinds of training, and practice how to spell their own system, an extension of their own system, rather than scattered debris in the struggle.

The greater the conflict between knowledge and action, inner sense of insecurity and even greater guilt, which is able to explain the current managers of the blind and impulsive, I would like to introduce a management consulting expertise by the CLS Advisory Services - President practitioners.

President of the rise of cultivation is a kind of advisory services in the United States, which for the top individual personality traits, habits of thinking, ways of thinking, of logic, preferences and other aspects of management, use of interviews, sub-topics from professional, structured questionnaire, special improvised set, thematic responses, describe ways of thinking maps, one on one anatomic analysis and recommendations, this will
1, to re-sort their own president, strategic thinking, strengthen its decision-making quality.
2, so the company president to re-form the global view and the system concept, to solve common problems management system does not match
3, and form their own management ideas of the systematic and logical. To achieve the enhanced high-level leadership, coaching ability.

Limited space of this article, we focus on the president of the practitioners here are two important concepts of consultation - Diversification and the contrast from the photo.

A familiar scenario confusion

, A company senior managers brought together to discuss the quality of leadership questions.

They know that the company's performance needed improvement, and this advice two consultants. One expert stood up and said: "Well, let us assume that we have this business, has just completed the acquisition financing. Business is now up on our own. We will take measures to improve business performance then? "

A few minutes later, placed in front of a large tablet on a proposal written all: close the plant; sealed piece of production line; dismiss those mediocre managers. "Good!" Said consultant. "Now we come to discuss how we can make these work in practice?"

However, the next to hear the arguments and usually deal with such matters heard arguments Haowuerzhi: "We can not dry."

We can not so dry? Why?

"Because this is too harsh, too radical!" Some people said: "to do this would be 'a beating'; no one would want to do this." Or: "the necessary measures are too painful, difficult to put into practice."

When this answer was repeated over and over again, we had to abandon this looks like the answer to say, further question:
Why does this happen?

Question: What limits the president?

Why do we think such stereotypes, why there will always be errors, why do we clearly know what is right, to know what is the best way circumstances, or enter a misunderstand?

Why do we influence their thinking but to make the right decisions so that we lost in the status quo, more weakness?

We consider the following factors limit our thinking:
1. Do not have enough insight see characteristics of the system complexity of the system, unable to dig its own rules.
2. Management capacity is limited, unable to controlling corporate inertia, no way to change it.
3. Personal knowledge of the background of weaknesses which will determine distortions and loss of high-level and action, not the correct output power of self and team.
4. Personal professional limitations and information of a single vision.
5. Afraid to think too much too cumbersome, fear of unrest, fear entered the field of knowledge they do not know.

Some people even to predict: Zai Wei Lai of the decade, leading to failure is most important reason for president will not be talent for marketing, IT or other Renhe expertise, Er Shi - Hai Pa Caiquchongtai but the pain of Juece.

As the environment changes, the future role of president in the enterprise changes, the challenges exacerbated by the difficulty of this decision.
The past is important that management capacity - is more important in today's vision, a president should be able in the foreseeable future, the implementation of changes today and prepare to strike a balance between the three
The past is important that the core industry companies to grow - and the mutations necessary to properly handle today's resources, measures, ideas and today the relationship between the core industry.
The past is the leading core industry - today is the industry + capital, the visualization of income and invisible earnings will be more important to be concerned about the industry's potential rate of return on capital.

This is exacerbated by the difficulty of thinking and challenges, President, how can that thinking, thinking what has become an insurmountable difficulties enterprises.

Thoughts from linear thinking to the diversification

Future challenges in the face of business, the president abandoned the original linear thinking, and strive to cultivate the diversity of the completion of their ability to think.

In fact, as a good corporate leader, to adapt to the environment, you must form analysis and from various angles the habit of thinking, a key element in the analysis, it can also concern other relevant factors. In other words, in the future environment, you must be able to do Diversification; also concerned about the results and process, while concerned about the survival and development and also focus on business and management.

Also concerned about the process and results

Sudden collapse of Barings, is too concerned about the results of a typical lesson, Bahrain banks in Singapore to improve the profitability of fast - an excellent result (which may be caused by a few years ago) - so that everyone that all well-functioning, but the consequences of this in the past and not evaluation What about the future of Bahrain banks can not reveal in only one institution in Singapore to take beyond the banks had in all of the assets in the gambling, the fact that decisions are taking place in Bahrain the Bank's future. However, if the use of the process of Barings management, we might have another result.

A change in today's era characterized by rapid, simple to rely on outcome indicators, rather than the process to manage the business, like a car rearview mirror to drive - if the road is still straight, so all good, but if there are dozens of road a sharp Road or oncoming traffic, then the consequences can be imagined.
Above all to tell us that to compete effectively, we must focus attention on the profit from the "myopia syndrome", to "multiple perspectives" and evaluating the corporate performance - and observe all aspects of business.

Also concerned about the survival and development

Most managers found that an important psychological blind spot: They concentrate on existing business, did her best to existing products, market development, sales increase; in turn, increase productivity, and so the cycle, run around in it.

However, suddenly a period of time, they found that product market competition, product margins sharply. Advertising campaign or face the brutal price war, most of the companies no turning back. As a result, some lucky companies able to successfully survive, while more enterprises are lost in one year won the previous decade of profits, to the collapse and merger of the situation was.

Management or business

China, a well-known biological health care products companies in order to reverse the deteriorating situation of the company, president of the various elements of their country's senior management focus on headquarters closed thinking, hope to complete the development of the company within one month of the strategic thinking process. A month later, the company's many products market has been lost to competitors.

In the early days, many CEOs are firm advocates "first business forward, and then task management" concept. Does not know that the implementation of this idea from the very first day, they have planted the seeds of a future is bound to suffer the consequences. When one day, the business really gets what it wants, successfully achieve the desired level, back to task management, found the multitude of contradictions and problems in business, I do not know where to start; so in turn the main energy into strengthening management, from this into a vicious circle.

Diversification of practice

To be able to do the same time concerned about the survival and development, while concerned about the management and business, while concerned about the process and results, President and ability to think through targeted practice.

Diversification of the practice include three levels:
(1) began the process used to take into account many factors;
(2) Start thinking about as many goals set
(3) the time span of diverse factors into the process of thinking

Begin the process used to consider many factors

For example, if you want to increase sales of a particular region, you must also focus on the effect of advertising investment, the interests of distributors, regional competitors may respond more to price adjustment factors.

Therefore, full track access to various information, the you may Bujin to Kaolv Advertising Sales for delivery to increase regional capacity and even under the circumstances, to take appropriate range Jiage adjustment, or Tuozhan dealer Qudao improve the dealer's Liyifenpei situation, among other measures.

Changes in a variety of factors, the constant attention to the achievement of the goals can help managers to create multiple models, gradually deepening understanding of things.

Start thinking as much as possible targets set

Thinking to diversify cultivation, set itself the goal is the way to as much as possible. In the enterprise development process, not only to pay attention to the importance of financial goals, while the concern of non-financial targets is also very important. These non-financial objectives, including customer satisfaction, internal innovation and learning and internal processes so other criteria.

Two professors at Harvard University in 1992 launched a comprehensive scorecard approach to successfully balance these goals possible. Set of multiple objectives is the implementation of the management and technical prerequisites.

The time factor into the diversification process of thinking

Diversification is the highest state of cultivation to the time factor into the thought process of diversification. Only by adding the time factor, diversified practice of thinking can be significant, businesses have a time limit may be beyond the development.

In this level of cultivation in the future make business road to success is to build the core industries, growth industries and industries of the future development of the three-level framework.

Core business growth through development of the industry to get money, and extracted a small amount of venture capital investment from possible future projects, and gradually complete the growth of industry to the core industry, the future growth of industry to the conversion industry. This president, The tri-level through the building industry, you can wave another wave to advance the company's business to gain long-term development of sustainable power.


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