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Medical industry HIS

First, development of background

As society develops, people are increasingly concerned about health, the hospital's business continues to grow, hospitals increasingly complex, the simple man-management has been unable to meet the needs of the hospital, a hospital development bottleneck. Therefore, the hospital management information system has strong demand.

HIS goal is to develop a doctor for the hospital based on practical applications of the future development of hospital-oriented to strengthen hospital management, increase efficiency, improve medical quality, design a functional specification in line with national requirements, security and stability, easy operation and advanced technology, Hospital Information System for hospitals to provide a comprehensive solution.

Technology standard

The system has advanced design concepts, advanced design, technology leader

Consistent with the Ministry of Health, "Hospital Information System functional specification"
Use of international and national standards development system code requirements
Application has a good system, maintenance and support expansion of
The adaptability of the system with a strong, forward-looking
Meet standards, easy to use, flexible, open, full-featured, high intelligence, security and stability of two, the program details

Programs to address the scope of the problem

For hospitals to provide functional, easy, accurate, fast, to meet the needs of the Hospital Management Information System

Business functions achieved

Systematic and comprehensive clinical treatment covers hospital, medical management, cost management, integrated management and statistical analysis, the external interface and other aspects of applications, including more than 30 application components, built dozens of applications.

And that the system has highlighted the powerful cost control, patient services, research and management functions and unique features, as well as full support for health insurance.

Development Platform

System Platform: Server network operating system used to run a stable Windows-NT, Windows2000 operating system
Database: Microsoft SQL Server2000
Client: operating system by Chinese Win95/Win98/Windows NT Work Station.
Development Tools: BORLAND Delphi Corporation

Microsoft's latest technologies with COM + as an application platform, Borland's MIDAS technology as the basis of 3 layers. The software will be upgraded with the platform upgrade, to ensure technology leadership.

Market and competitive conditions

2002 target for the central, northern, and western developed regions of the small and medium sized hospitals, with the further escalation of the product improved focus on the development after the east, south developed areas and large hospitals.

Make the national projects: the state, "West China Hospital Management Support Poverty Reduction Project (Angel Project)" implementation of the company's tender, with technical and project management strengths, in one fell swoop over a number of strong competitors, won the 12 provinces, 1200 counties, 2,800 hospital management system construction tasks.
Network Construction: The company uses direct marketing, medical information technology industry alliance of two channels of selling products. Direct sales - mainly to open up major clients and partners sold as a supplement to enhance the company's sales strength.

Medical information technology industry alliance - companies and partners to develop new markets, to love life and friendship together sales network covers all over the country, accounting for the national market.

Hospital Management Information System in the highly competitive domestic market, the current development of hospital information system has more than 200 companies, but because there is no uniform development standards, the company developed systems are their own codes and standards, most other strength of the company weak, low level of technology, making the hospital information systems market confusion. Love Health Friends main competitors start together, Zhongbang, dragon, military benefits, SunGard, Neusoft, HP, IBM, etc., and other smaller companies market share.

User Name: Kaiyuan City in Yunnan Province Chinese Medicine Hospital
I. Background

Without the use of this system, hospitals charge only a simple pricing system, there is no way the hospital's cash and stock deal with real-time monitoring, management, cost accounting and so have more loopholes. There long queue of patients, the treatment process are very complicated issues such as lack of in the industry more competitive.

Second, business process implementation

Hospital information management system using client / server model, network operating system using Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, the entire network using star topology, 100M swap to the desktop. Server using Hp LH3000, built-in hard drive for Raid5 fault. Software development tools for the VB / VC.

Third, results and feedback

Through this system, the hospital's business processes and effective management of resources, and avoid some of the hospital management loopholes, improve the hospital's operational efficiency, improve patient service quality, reduce operating costs, reduced patient burden, to better serve patients. The hospital's management to a new level, enhancing the competitiveness of the sustainable development of the hospital.

Fourth, other specific description

System running on the hospital staff's computer skills have certain requirements, also need to have a specialized hospital system administrators. After a month's trial the whole system runs very stable now able to run.

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"Modern warfare Call of Duty 2" Raiders veterans experience difficulty

"Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2" Raiders veterans experience difficulty: the game out for some time, many friends have clearance Veteran difficulty of the challenge has begun. Recent forums have many friends asked veterans in the difficult research skills and expertise here to write a bar, we want to help the Raiders veteran difficulty.

Required: Raiders veteran before the degree of difficulty points to note.

1. Moving steadily - the difficulty here recommend at least open up the game with common after a difficult start Raiders veterans, on the one hand to the low difficulty level feel like a large plot, on the one hand to familiarize yourself with the basic process. The paste is difficult to veterans in the Raiders of the difficulties and many players off of the place cards Raiders, detailed process is no longer tired out. Please refer to glue the process Raiders:

First off S.S.D.D

Raiders Difficulty: -

Training related, lacks much to say, after the election can be difficult for veterans. Veteran difficulty achievements related to this account also, so it seems still must fight ... ...

The second hurdle Team Player

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?br />
On Veteran difficulty by IBM! As the first almost nothing difficult about this off, you can familiarize yourself with the veteran difficulty of play.

1, the start time of shrinking armed forces of the gun in the back can not really silly to fight, the enemy is infinite, but can not play triggered the following story. Prior to take aim at the Broken Bridge on the right grenades, target appeared immediately bombers can kill, slowly the more dangerous, enemy RPG.

2, multiplied by the only Hummer to note is that after the roof to take the enemy RPG, you may spike, the other threats that do not.

3, into the room when the war first go to his teammates that he followed goof off on the trip. Meisha basically the difficulty of his teammates very powerful close combat.

And third, Cliffhanger

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?鈽?br />
Snow dive, still not difficult.

1, first, all the kills the story and little difficulty, you do not kill the captain will help you kill.

2, and the captain after the split up to observe the heart rate sensor in the configuration of the enemy, the enemy does not kill does not matter. By the way before installing the C4 does not kill a person and not been found to unlock the achievement "Ghost".

3, the enemy jeep drove over to the Jeep after the opening note to the right version of the direction of edge movement, other direction will be found. Height has enemies here, do not fight, and so would trigger the captain to help you knock down his story, then go to C4 it installed. The play is basically 100% will not be found.

4, when the enemy appears to retreat a lot, is not unlimited, so you can slowly push forward. Enemy white dress lying on the floor more difficult to distinguish, more use of heart rate sensors and auto-targeting feature it.

5, driving a snowmobile when the only thing to note that avoiding enemy rockets armed straight, the other without difficulties.

Can skip the fourth off

Fifth off Takedown

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?br />
Difficult in the first place, well prepared.

1, no difficulties in the beginning, has been hit slum.

2, slums is a difficult, enemies come from all directions, along the left of the version recommended here, while walking the other to move the house as a relay point than to go outside more secure. Trigger companions killed the story halfway, then only by themselves, one by one house, slowly advance it, in your view of the enemy within a certain distance will not be refreshed.

3, the target can be seen after the alley is also difficult, where the roof, the windows are the enemy, but also because of the terrain to avoid the narrow little place, very difficult. There is a upstairs sniper marksmanship extremely, situation got you dying, and is characterized by attacks mirror will flash, to give priority to destroy. Here very few recording sites, one death would come back, I died here at least 20 times, the only way is to configure all the enemy back out of all the rest need some RP.

Sixth off Wolverines!

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?br />
1, immediately after the encounter BTR throw smoke, then quickly rush. Next to the alley where the enemies are all together, after the burst of fire killed attention back, followed by possible action with the enemy soldiers with BTR dashing forward after all destroyed.

2, when the roof on the defensive to the automatic machine gun on the line, you do not do it myself. Find a bunker dodging the enemy will soon climb up the roof, an up quickly extinguished, must not be close up.

3, several enemy vehicles BTR road when crossing the road to pay attention to suggest that his teammates say that BTR has been targeted once a time when you need to immediately hidden behind the bushes until BTR transfer target and then move back and forth so you can. Only die hard red.

4, and helicopters when the veteran difficulty playing a more difficult than normal, it needs to go so after the first frame after the fast food restaurant across the street to get another made Stinger destroyed the roof of the second frame, faster, otherwise likely to be killed in the helicopter.

5, when the withdrawal is difficult, flood of the enemy, while team-mate will be killed one by one, although there are additional soldiers will come, but do not expect more, and here only on their own. Here the recommended route is along the direction of the enemy came over the left side of the road version, and then pass to the target point, this line is very weak the enemy's defense. Difficult to directly compare the words of the past, large, and will be surrounded by, not recommended.

Seventh off The Hornet's Nest

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?鈽?鈽?br />
This difficulty is not related, followed by teammates can advance slowly.

1, are the abolition of cars across the upstairs space here to note the enemy, first destroyed.

2, both sides have proposed construction of the path into the house here, a lot safer than staying on the road. Note use of grenades and flash empty house enemies, they are holding shotguns, very dangerous. Opposite the building where there are enemies, be careful not to be overcast. Teammates will move forward along the road outside, do not worry about them, they are invincible.

3, the market is difficult, the enemy number, followed by teammates to go on the trip, slowly advance do not worry.

4, the last flight of the period appears to be very dangerous and difficult in fact not much to complain, follow instructions to go on the trip.

Exodus eighth off

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?鈽?鈽?br />
The focus is more use of the relevant tank support, used judiciously, will greatly reduce the difficulty, or will be painful.

1, start building one by one when the Raiders make more use of compact instructions to help you fight tanks, tanks will house most of the enemy killed, and then you re-enter into the other teammates, the house can often be won without firing a shot.

2, after the bridge construction was full of enemies on both sides, here is difficult. Recommendations immediately after the bridge on the road to the left to find a bunker lies prone, then left the house not a threat, and then immediately ordered tanks to fire across the house, the house opposite directions after not killing almost hit the left house, and then into the left side of the house. As the war room here with his teammates will not come it is more dangerous, vigilant attention, holding a shotgun inside the enemy. After a difficult here without a.

The ninth off The Only Easy Day ... Was Yesterday

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?br />
1, the start to save the hostages without difficulty, and the general difficulty of playing as you can.

2, the first difficulty is upstairs after the detonation of C4, where a large number of enemy appears, along with an armed enemy directly. Here is a little know-how, upstairs after the first picking stage beyond AT4, then the enemy reinforcements have arrived and are in place and gradually eliminate their teammates, note the location is just upstairs will not trigger the enemy helicopter appears plot, So you can feel comfortable playing. The enemy infantry was almost killed after a few steps forward, then the enemy helicopter will appear, immediately switch to just pick up the AT4 shot down it, do not give it the chance to attack you.

3, the second difficulty is on the last level, that is, the enemy will smoke in there, there must have know-how, Cookin dozens may have died trying to find fault. Place from the upstairs to the room held the enemy left, right 3 Road, Middle Road, there are machine guns, right-sided with RPG, so take the left back testing by individuals is the simplest. To the stairs in front of the container is here to pick up as the mirror with a heat gun, get one. And then immediately sprint to the left back, pay attention to faster, then the enemy should be just up the smoke, washed quickly, then you can ignore the positive machine gun, rushed to find shelter after the left wing, and then kill an enemy in front. Then should immediately go back, because behind the brush out to the soldiers almost certainly be destroyed, in case you are lost behind the surprise attack. (They come from the stairs, which is why the Road is not recommended to go another reason, because it got hit). Then you can slowly push forward to reach the bursting point and you're done.

10th off The Gulag

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?鈽?鈽?br />
Note that the relevant key is sure to pick up riot shields!! Difficult and would seriously undermine!!

1, after landing go first bunker dodging, over time, would trigger our enemy helicopters destroy the story upstairs, then go forward.

2, into the city followed by teammates slowly forward, attention can be hidden, the enemy can be handed over most of his teammates to solve.

3, downstairs to pick up anti-riot shield, be sure to pick up.

4, after briefly with riot shields, and when to use riot shields front is completely invincible, you can keep your enemy to his teammates could solve.

5, exploded after the wall is difficult, on the second floor are the enemy, the proposed first to find a corner of the squatting open shield, so the time for the enemy to stop firing the gun destroyed, so you can back and forth, we must ensure that the right and left 2nd Floor after all the elimination of the enemy advance.

6, there is a large hole in the room where a large number of riot troops, facing bullets ineffective, then use the grenades and rifle grenades to deal with, grenades will not explode at close range, it recommended to run a certain distance and then turned back with a rifle grenade bombers to kill them. After that no difficulty, and the whole drama.

11th Customs Of Their Own Accord

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?鈽?鈽?br />
1, at the beginning followed by teammates advance to the White House, taking the trench, close to the White House after the White House quickly followed by his teammates. Because the window has numerous firing points, and only slowly die, must be fast.

2, after entering the White House is fighting the interior, after so many off after the trials should have been home in a bar, so that his teammates advanced on the line, not very difficult.

3, fixed immediately after the sniper story back and look for shelter, the enemy from attacking the hole next to the door and the door to his teammates on it, you are responsible for the hole. Do not probe out, the enemy will kill you Luanqiang recommended flash + grenade thrown into the hole.

4, using Javelin missile bombardment of enemy helicopters and tanks is difficult, attention to possible hiding inside the house to play, not too far out, otherwise they would be bombers kill ... ...

5, then upstairs to be fast, ignoring the back of the pursuers, as long as you run fast enough they could not keep, and the helicopter after you're done.

12th off Contingency

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?br />
The relevant part of dive without difficulty, the key is relatively limited part of the offensive metamorphosis

1, the start sneaking into some of the instructions to do as long as according to Price on the line, completely without a positive exchange of fire, all the assassinations solution.

2, and Ghost predators after they join the missile can be used, when a large number of the enemy coming, find a safe place, slowly squatting H-bar, anyway, the missile is unlimited. No difficulty ... ...

3, timed attack is the most difficult relations, not only the enemy is very large, but limited in time, and before reaching the target point not save point, so failure must start all over again, this part of the author of nearly 10 RETRY , you psychologically prepared for the first ... ... The key here is the use of missiles and charge, the first missiles of the more important, many people will first solve the helicopter, in fact, the threat of a helicopter is not great for you. First made the recommended play is to play the top left of the missile view, where a large number of enemy soldiers, taking a personnel carriers from a nearby open too, to master both can launch time to eliminate, minimize combat stress. General restrictions on the time you only have time to play about 3 rounds. Next is the charge, and recommended a slowly washed, so good after the second missiles aimed at enemy soldiers filled gathering place for home runs, and then roll. A large number of enemy soldiers near the target, ignoring also, as long as the target point to the success of automated operator tasks. With the tactical needs of the next point on the RP (laugh)

4, the high-profile defense missiles, bombers as long as you can continue to use their own do not have to fight, uphold After you're done. 13th off Second Sun

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?br />
The relations are divided into two sections, the difficulty is not the first half, second half charge to the WH is very abnormal, can be said that the most abnormal areas in the game can never be over, you mentally prepared.

1, the first half of not more than that, and pick up * the gun to go along with companions on the trip, basically indoor combat, companion very tough.

2, half of difficulty coming out of tunnel to the left of the WH after the mission embarked on the front of the building has a large number of machine guns, RPG and infinite refresh the enemy soldiers, there are a large number of enemy soldiers waiting for the road, the roof is also set goals WH a large number of machine guns, and the whole line has almost no charge decent shelter ... ... less than know-how to master this impossible in the past, even if the acquired know-how must fight RP, because the enemy machine gun and RPG is a random attack. First of all, followed by fellow washed the beginning, you will find an abandoned car in front, appears to be the only shelter, but do not hide behind cars, on the side of guns will get you labeled cell ... ... the right bunker is behind a car crater, where get on the ground, then the roof will be placed on the building opposite the searchlights, gun bash it. Destroyed after the move to the left to continue, where a large number of enemy soldiers on the road, and almost no shelter, two buildings of the cross-fire shooting at you at any time, there can only fight RP, and were killed on the weight come. Flushed down version, you can see in front of the wreckage of a helicopter, escape to, this time a large number of enemy soldiers appear WH roof, fire is very fierce, and slowly destroy it. All can be destroyed after the rushed to the WH, this time companion will come into the WH and you're done.

3, into the WH is the room after the fight, and slowly advancing Meisha difficult, brave fellow still ... ...

14th off Loose Ends

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?br />
1, the beginning of moving to the hills, slopes left after mine story appeared a large number of enemy soldiers, here find a place to quickly move to the right side of tummy it, not whether it be the enemy of the hillside.

2, the woods after the smoke up and move to the target point, note that the use of smoke to cover as much as possible and slowly move forward, go fast companion can not keep up. Poor vision smoke everywhere, the enemy will kill to kill, such as peer to peer solution to keep up to also work, be careful sniper. This may be hard, try more than it.

3, to reach a place where all tree stumps, or after the use of smoke hidden, so that his teammates cover you. The distance on a hill with a sniper, sniper mirror can reflect light and remember destroyed.

4, after the arrival villa is fried door, and seized the shotgun could spike all the enemies, without difficulty.

5, triggering pre-mission recommended first Broad Sword defensive mines on either side of the door gracefully, and so will not open you the opportunity to beat up then plug the mines. Broke out, lying on the ground after the recommendation of the window there are guns, anti-lived two doors, both sides need to constantly look at the enemy came in the door there. Meisha trick here, just fight technology, of course, RP, because the number seems to refresh every time the enemy is different ... ... Fortunately, the enemy AI silly enough it wants ... ...

6, N waves persist after complete information quickly took the Run, run hard here only recommend, not recommend back to play pursuers, as also Dabu Wan ... ... another step Z fonts is a good idea, because the AI fire a gun there is no advance amount. RP's time to fight here, and desperate to run until the downhill section, here are ambush, guns continue to run after quickly destroyed, went to the target point that triggers the plot, you're done.

15th off The Enemy of My Enemy

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?br />
This is relevant ... ... I can not Tucao, and to say difficult hurdle is the difficulty. No friendly forces throughout the battlefield, the U.S. and Russian were the enemy, so slowly it is important to touch the past. Recommend or walk along the edge version, if only to fight the enemy on the only route, do not kill too many, to keep the two sides with each other to attract attention, hello, took the opportunity to goof off. This store point off a lot of dead has nothing, you can usually pay attention to find shelter, to say the words of metamorphosis as the first two relations have been abnormal, and this should be good, at least not while walking along the embattled version. Finally, when approaching the target point a large number of U.S. troops near here, or recommend the red after the enemy destroyed, even if the distance was up sniper also right, rushed to the target point automatic mission success ... ... This is in addition to RP outside off deadly accuracy of the technical requirements of.

16th off Just Like Old Times

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?br />
1, the beginning part of the attack without difficulty, the way the assassination of the past can be.

2, after entering the cave of a place must be found, there are a large number of enemy, or to deal with the way to the cave they threw grenades, killing a lot of time to.

3, a cave in the mountain side to pick up anti-riot shields, shield propped savior ah ... ... mountain can be had without shield test by simply make life difficult for human flesh ==

4, with the shield would be easier, the back of the cave to protect themselves are the main enemy to the Price it, anyway, he is invincible ... ...

5, where the enemy seized the smoke in the mirror with a heat gun as playing in the distance, and so scattered after smoke machine guns in the past to resolve the remaining copy to the enemy, the enemy should have time together, lost in the past and then machine gun fire flash it.

6, bomb the door is a difficult place to quickly kill all the enemies but can not hit the bomb, more difficult, does not work, then try more than it ... ... I tried 5,6 times before in the past. By the way here to be able to unlock 4 achievements that killed four people.

7, after the enemy out of a large army reinforcements to the Price is also charged here, playing at the back like a sniper, with a shield when moving. Here explosives in large numbers before ringing off the hook as far as possible before the move, or be miserable.

8, after much to complain, and hole, after you're done.

17th off Endgame

Raiders Difficulty: 鈽?br />
The last hurdle, and this off because a lot of drama so simple. The only note that the chase when the master shot and loading time, to give priority to destroy the enemy's boats, the bridge also has RPG. Meisha difficult on the other.

Congratulations on your model after the passage of veterans completed. (There are several related nightmare really ah ==)


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BenQ-Siemens alliance in name only waveguide waveguide front continued hard

July 3, waveguide East Dealers Symposium waveguide these cities has released 20 new mobile phones, TCL mobile released with 30 more new models move exactly the same - see, domestic mobile phone market is low, the efforts to find possible life.

"This year can make money is still unknown." Deputy general manager of Ningbo Bird Co., Ltd. Dai-mao I July 3 interview, admitted that "the plight of domestic mobile phones will not completely turn for the better in 2005, 2006, will be more difficult."

After waveguide shares (600130.SH) profit warning that due to worsening external business environment, financial sector by the preliminary estimates, expects 2005 net profit of 1 to June compared with last year fell 50%.

While Bird said earlier, BenQ acquired Siemens mobile phones, the "Posey Union" cooperation continues, but the reporter learned that a year ago, the massive sign of "Posey Union" also in a state in name only. BenQ Siemens mobile phone unit, by the impact of the acquisition, though, "Posey Union" has not officially announced the breakup, but the league no longer has any substantive matters forward.

Signed in May 2004 of "Posey alliance" agreement there are three main aspects: Bird can fully use the Siemens mobile phone technology; waveguide in the country more than 30,000 mobile phone sales store and sells Siemens brand mobile phones; both sides to develop other electronic markets and international mobile phone market.

Union operation more than a year, in the three dimensions of cooperation, the movement is somewhat waveguide channels in the domestic sales of Siemens mobile phones. But as early as late last year, Bird store has been very difficult to see on the figures of Siemens mobile phones.

In this regard, Dai-mao I did not directly deny that he explained to reporters: "Cooperation is not terminated, but the Siemens phone models sold to us had no more, until the integration of Siemens mobile phone business began to consider the sale, the two sides cooperate on these little or no substantive progress, so stores can not see Siemens entirely possible. "

Cooperation agreements in the Union, the other two levels, the two sides had yet to start substantive cooperation.

"Posey Union" to the current situation is clearly not the waveguide would like to see.

"Bird strong distribution network, many enterprises are very much valued and we do not use the network to earn a little money and the cooperation with Siemens, we hope that cooperation from the sales began, with more in-depth progress, hope tree beside the Siemens' largest tree '. "wearing Mao Yu said. This is the idea was for.

But now it seems waveguide Pong "Big Tree" program has become a bubble.

BenQ Siemens mobile phones after the acquisition, "Posey Union" will go from here? If the BenQ's strategy and alliance strategy Posey conflict, our cooperation will stop, so Bird said Xu Lihua, chairman. From this, the Union will depend on the trend of BenQ and Siemens integrated critical situation after.

However, the industry generally believe that "Posey Union" upgrade to "Boming Union" is not very likely that Taiwan's BenQ OEM business background, its advantage lies also in cost control, and between brands is probably waveguide competition rather than cooperation.

Market share of domestic mobile phone manufacturers fell to 34%

Analysys International's new "Chinese mobile phone market quarterly monitoring reports 05Q1" display, following the fourth quarter of 2004, mobile phone sales increased substantially after the first quarter of 2005 mobile phone sales essentially flat with the previous quarter, an increase of 2.5% to 19.78 million. Which, GSM mobile phone sales 17.7 million, growth of a 6%; CDMA mobile phone sales 2.08 million, growth of -20%.

As the user demand in the fourth quarter of last year, largely by the release. Therefore, the first quarter of this year sales growth fell to 2.5%. Meanwhile, as China Unicom CDMA subscribers in the first quarter of 2005, net growth was only 1.618 million, the new C network users is limited; and Unicom Hyun machine sales not yet fully started, causing a number of replacement customers hold out Therefore, CDMA mobile phone sales fell 20%.



Sony kdl32ex600 32 quot led tv undoubtedly the


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Business Databases And Tools Evaluation

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Simple Help Tools

Knowledge need to update staff training is not losing money "trading"

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"Torch Light" Warrior VH little experience difficulty

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B2C transactions in China this year is expected to reach 11.1 billion U.S. dollars

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Career planning for employees

And corporate executives, human resources management and even contact with, they often can not understand why career planning for employees, in their view, the staff career planning, staff should be something personal and business related. This is actually caught in a misunderstanding, no clear understanding of the nature of career planning - planning for the career objectives of staff to help employees achieve personal goals in addition to, the more important is to make employees personal development goals and the development of enterprises play line in line to meet the employment needs of enterprises at different stages, employees and enterprises to achieve win-win situation, fully embodies the Confucian "For ourselves and others have, he seeks Dada" and thought, ... ...

First, the reason for staff career planning

Career (Career) is an employee in the enterprise responsible for the continuous development of jobs and work direction and line of duty. Its essence is the basis of enterprise value of the realization of personal value employees. Career planning, from the concept put forward, there is two points or the main, the idea is to define the business interests of enterprises as the main benefit for the employees to define the concept of career planning. There is also a principal of Career Planning, is the individual employees, as independent individuals, how to recognize their own strengths, weaknesses, continued to strengthen and improve themselves, Bawo right outside the numerous opportunities and challenges, through several phases, and milestone goals to achieve the ultimate goal of achieving personal process of the ultimate professional, to bring some business and social value, only as a byproduct of the process or peripheral target.

In fact, as managers must have the ability to set goals, stem of a particular work may be many benefits to be achieved, or are conducive to the initiation of the main goals is the main goal, to achieve this objective, and results and the results could bring around the other goal is to target! The goal of all the main responsibility should be 90% of the resources and experience of the main objectives for! Here to emphasize this point, let us see, is also a "career management", different starting points, but the process and lead to different results.

Enterprises should, even said to be active for staff career planning, to do so, at least the following two areas will bring benefits: will help the company attract and retain talent, low cost to meet the different stages of development employment needs, and staff to establish common goals to improve employee satisfaction!

First of all, to attract and retain talent

The ultimate goal of human resources is to attract and retain talented people, current workplace, employees in addition to remuneration, welfare, the more emphasis is the development of space, in order to achieve personal values, can give employees more room for development of enterprises, staff is willing to enter, willing to stay in business. The staff were a result of career planning is the formation of in-house performance-driven mechanism, through the career development of channel and enterprise integration, who will be the best change to a higher level, multi-direction rapidly.

Second, the cost to meet the employment needs of different stages of development

Clear business objectives, for what period and what kind of talent will have a plan. Such as the current size of a 50-person software company to achieve revenues in the second year of double, which requires more project team and project management - project managers, the demand growth from the current 5 to 8 , while the future needs of the three best sources of project managers, in fact, is now engaged in the development, testing, software engineer jobs. If there is no such medium-term business, a gap in human resources when an emergency through an external recruitment channels, the first will consume a large number of direct and indirect costs of recruitment, while good results can not be expected!

Third, the common goal of the staff, improve employee satisfaction

Similarly, the software company to the above example, the enterprise is to develop and increase revenue, the need for more project team, more project managers. Staff level, a project manager from the normal programmer would help to improve their pay and benefits, more importantly, a different kind of work experience, and challenges from all sides, to improve their comprehensive ability, has a very important role! Allowing employees to enter into another level of career development, to establish the basis for a higher level goal! Achieved through the process of career planning, business objectives are achieved, taking into account the interests of the individual! Truly a win-win situation, contribute to the improvement of employee satisfaction!

First, how to staff career planning

Said earlier, for staff career planning, should the interests of enterprises as the starting point, taking into account the interests of employees. "Crossroads" professional development model is a United States used to determine the professional development of management tools for employees, according to staff performance and capacity of the current position to decide the future direction and ways of promotion to promotion. For enterprise employees to provide a career planning ideas and methods.

"Crossroads" model of professional development

"Crossroads" model of professional development needs of businesses and employees first in-depth SWOT analysis of both sides to understand the employee's strengths, weaknesses, and threats facing the program! Then, the company set up for employees under a "crossroads" of the performance goals, and this process needs the staff, the staff where the departments, business departments, and human resources departments jointly set! Lastly, if employees meet performance goals, the first to honor its promise to upgrade downshift for the staff, and staff to make the next step in career planning!

As the process is going to take a large number of direct and indirect costs, so the premise of the implementation of this work is the performance of the current employees have a location, choose good, with good development potential of employees as the target! Meanwhile, the overall career management staff also need a method that is the company's career management "Nine grid map" method.

Career development company "Nine grid map"

Career development company "Nine grid map" Performance assessment results based on the company to employee performance compliance, as well as personal development potential of dimension, for each employee in the "nine grid map" to find their place.

If the company has established a relatively sound performance management system, employee performance will be more easily identifiable. However, the potential for staff to conduct serious analysis Zexu briefly, in particular the need for staff to reach performance goals concern process, which requires employee's department and the departments concerned to pay close attention to business, in particular, especially in the face of new employees .

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

President of the diversity of thinking and practice in the other hand, since according to (the)

President how to learn and how to improve their own has become a pressing issue, but disagree, the book divides the vast mountains, all kinds of training, and practice how to spell their own system, an extension of their own system, rather than scattered debris in the struggle.

The greater the conflict between knowledge and action, inner sense of insecurity and even greater guilt, which is able to explain the current managers of the blind and impulsive, I would like to introduce a management consulting expertise by the CLS Advisory Services - President practitioners.

President of the rise of cultivation is a kind of advisory services in the United States, which for the top individual personality traits, habits of thinking, ways of thinking, of logic, preferences and other aspects of management, use of interviews, sub-topics from professional, structured questionnaire, special improvised set, thematic responses, describe ways of thinking maps, one on one anatomic analysis and recommendations, this will
1, to re-sort their own president, strategic thinking, strengthen its decision-making quality.
2, so the company president to re-form the global view and the system concept, to solve common problems management system does not match
3, and form their own management ideas of the systematic and logical. To achieve the enhanced high-level leadership, coaching ability.

Limited space of this article, we focus on the president of the practitioners here are two important concepts of consultation - Diversification and the contrast from the photo.

A familiar scenario confusion

, A company senior managers brought together to discuss the quality of leadership questions.

They know that the company's performance needed improvement, and this advice two consultants. One expert stood up and said: "Well, let us assume that we have this business, has just completed the acquisition financing. Business is now up on our own. We will take measures to improve business performance then? "

A few minutes later, placed in front of a large tablet on a proposal written all: close the plant; sealed piece of production line; dismiss those mediocre managers. "Good!" Said consultant. "Now we come to discuss how we can make these work in practice?"

However, the next to hear the arguments and usually deal with such matters heard arguments Haowuerzhi: "We can not dry."

We can not so dry? Why?

"Because this is too harsh, too radical!" Some people said: "to do this would be 'a beating'; no one would want to do this." Or: "the necessary measures are too painful, difficult to put into practice."

When this answer was repeated over and over again, we had to abandon this looks like the answer to say, further question:
Why does this happen?

Question: What limits the president?

Why do we think such stereotypes, why there will always be errors, why do we clearly know what is right, to know what is the best way circumstances, or enter a misunderstand?

Why do we influence their thinking but to make the right decisions so that we lost in the status quo, more weakness?

We consider the following factors limit our thinking:
1. Do not have enough insight see characteristics of the system complexity of the system, unable to dig its own rules.
2. Management capacity is limited, unable to controlling corporate inertia, no way to change it.
3. Personal knowledge of the background of weaknesses which will determine distortions and loss of high-level and action, not the correct output power of self and team.
4. Personal professional limitations and information of a single vision.
5. Afraid to think too much too cumbersome, fear of unrest, fear entered the field of knowledge they do not know.

Some people even to predict: Zai Wei Lai of the decade, leading to failure is most important reason for president will not be talent for marketing, IT or other Renhe expertise, Er Shi - Hai Pa Caiquchongtai but the pain of Juece.

As the environment changes, the future role of president in the enterprise changes, the challenges exacerbated by the difficulty of this decision.
The past is important that management capacity - is more important in today's vision, a president should be able in the foreseeable future, the implementation of changes today and prepare to strike a balance between the three
The past is important that the core industry companies to grow - and the mutations necessary to properly handle today's resources, measures, ideas and today the relationship between the core industry.
The past is the leading core industry - today is the industry + capital, the visualization of income and invisible earnings will be more important to be concerned about the industry's potential rate of return on capital.

This is exacerbated by the difficulty of thinking and challenges, President, how can that thinking, thinking what has become an insurmountable difficulties enterprises.

Thoughts from linear thinking to the diversification

Future challenges in the face of business, the president abandoned the original linear thinking, and strive to cultivate the diversity of the completion of their ability to think.

In fact, as a good corporate leader, to adapt to the environment, you must form analysis and from various angles the habit of thinking, a key element in the analysis, it can also concern other relevant factors. In other words, in the future environment, you must be able to do Diversification; also concerned about the results and process, while concerned about the survival and development and also focus on business and management.

Also concerned about the process and results

Sudden collapse of Barings, is too concerned about the results of a typical lesson, Bahrain banks in Singapore to improve the profitability of fast - an excellent result (which may be caused by a few years ago) - so that everyone that all well-functioning, but the consequences of this in the past and not evaluation What about the future of Bahrain banks can not reveal in only one institution in Singapore to take beyond the banks had in all of the assets in the gambling, the fact that decisions are taking place in Bahrain the Bank's future. However, if the use of the process of Barings management, we might have another result.

A change in today's era characterized by rapid, simple to rely on outcome indicators, rather than the process to manage the business, like a car rearview mirror to drive - if the road is still straight, so all good, but if there are dozens of road a sharp Road or oncoming traffic, then the consequences can be imagined.
Above all to tell us that to compete effectively, we must focus attention on the profit from the "myopia syndrome", to "multiple perspectives" and evaluating the corporate performance - and observe all aspects of business.

Also concerned about the survival and development

Most managers found that an important psychological blind spot: They concentrate on existing business, did her best to existing products, market development, sales increase; in turn, increase productivity, and so the cycle, run around in it.

However, suddenly a period of time, they found that product market competition, product margins sharply. Advertising campaign or face the brutal price war, most of the companies no turning back. As a result, some lucky companies able to successfully survive, while more enterprises are lost in one year won the previous decade of profits, to the collapse and merger of the situation was.

Management or business

China, a well-known biological health care products companies in order to reverse the deteriorating situation of the company, president of the various elements of their country's senior management focus on headquarters closed thinking, hope to complete the development of the company within one month of the strategic thinking process. A month later, the company's many products market has been lost to competitors.

In the early days, many CEOs are firm advocates "first business forward, and then task management" concept. Does not know that the implementation of this idea from the very first day, they have planted the seeds of a future is bound to suffer the consequences. When one day, the business really gets what it wants, successfully achieve the desired level, back to task management, found the multitude of contradictions and problems in business, I do not know where to start; so in turn the main energy into strengthening management, from this into a vicious circle.

Diversification of practice

To be able to do the same time concerned about the survival and development, while concerned about the management and business, while concerned about the process and results, President and ability to think through targeted practice.

Diversification of the practice include three levels:
(1) began the process used to take into account many factors;
(2) Start thinking about as many goals set
(3) the time span of diverse factors into the process of thinking

Begin the process used to consider many factors

For example, if you want to increase sales of a particular region, you must also focus on the effect of advertising investment, the interests of distributors, regional competitors may respond more to price adjustment factors.

Therefore, full track access to various information, the you may Bujin to Kaolv Advertising Sales for delivery to increase regional capacity and even under the circumstances, to take appropriate range Jiage adjustment, or Tuozhan dealer Qudao improve the dealer's Liyifenpei situation, among other measures.

Changes in a variety of factors, the constant attention to the achievement of the goals can help managers to create multiple models, gradually deepening understanding of things.

Start thinking as much as possible targets set

Thinking to diversify cultivation, set itself the goal is the way to as much as possible. In the enterprise development process, not only to pay attention to the importance of financial goals, while the concern of non-financial targets is also very important. These non-financial objectives, including customer satisfaction, internal innovation and learning and internal processes so other criteria.

Two professors at Harvard University in 1992 launched a comprehensive scorecard approach to successfully balance these goals possible. Set of multiple objectives is the implementation of the management and technical prerequisites.

The time factor into the diversification process of thinking

Diversification is the highest state of cultivation to the time factor into the thought process of diversification. Only by adding the time factor, diversified practice of thinking can be significant, businesses have a time limit may be beyond the development.

In this level of cultivation in the future make business road to success is to build the core industries, growth industries and industries of the future development of the three-level framework.

Core business growth through development of the industry to get money, and extracted a small amount of venture capital investment from possible future projects, and gradually complete the growth of industry to the core industry, the future growth of industry to the conversion industry. This president, The tri-level through the building industry, you can wave another wave to advance the company's business to gain long-term development of sustainable power.


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tencent behind the opponent who already

Teng Xun vigorously to lure them away is known as China's largest social networking site frequently encountered throughout the department "headhunting"

Internet industry's largest event is trying to lure them away, was switched to Tencent choice defenders, who prosecuted 15 "Deserter" this warning opponents. But this quickly led to dissatisfaction with former employees, who shouted "need a way out." In a chaotic situation, the interests of the parties feel aggrieved, Tencent side, told reporters yesterday that "we are concerned about staff feelings, but do not forget, our trade secrets protected by the Who?"

Yesterday, a source said to newspaper exclusively broke the news set off another main character who already storm the community,, its claim is the largest social networking site platform.

Malicious competitors who already inside the exposure

According to the latest news, current Tencent prosecution of 15 employees, from vicious scramble event, which has become so serious Tencent intolerable.

According to informed sources revealed to reporters since last year, has not yet listed on began digging a large number of people from Tencent, "process is direct, from the mid-level to the general staff, as long as the contact information can be found, will search a large area by phone contact, some core R & D department, or even the whole department received similar calls. " The former official said, because the new company has frequently promise to pay 2-3 times higher than the present and the future can be realized after the listing of options, so some workers will inevitably heart, but they quit after hard not to take away the technical and commercial secrets, " model of development has always been to Tencent as the sample, so the two areas are engaged in a high degree of similarity, there is direct competition."

Tencent side to respond to reporters yesterday, said, "We charged 15 employees from the core business, is a recent one or two years left, but they are being lured away to."

Tencent: Enterprise should Rights

The start of litigation Tencent been former employees of the boycott. Yesterday, angry employees out in the Sina blog, which lists five-point statement calling for prosecution Tencent back. However, Tencent's response was, "Our prosecution of acts of Prohibition against violation."

Tencent related claim that "the normal movement of the phenomenon is reasonable, but for the staff of the vicious Tencent winkle, to the company's normal operations caused great distress and led to huge investment of some R & D project ran aground loss of trade secrets, how the loss count? "the person also believes that the competition restriction on the employees in our country have a clear legal provisions, Tencent and the 15 former employees of the labor contract also provides for non-competition and confidentiality provisions Terms, "in a certain period of time, these employees are not engaged in competitive industries."

Lawyer: Trade Secrets are fragile

However, Tencent trying to protect commercial secrets, and many employees have not heard of almost all of the term.

"Trade secret rights is a very fragile right, and its value depends entirely on the secret, once lost, lost forever," one executive search firm manager told reporters, "but in the Internet industry has been rife that lure them away, everyone the pursuit of options, like fast promotion and pay rise, often do not take into account the risk of leaks and infringement. "intellectual property Yunting that the prosecution staff Tencent cases, to some extent reflect the true trade secret protection of domestic enterprises in embarrassing situations.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

CATIC Shenzhen: HR reform activity trip

Confusion caused by the questionnaire

In 2002, a question confused with CATIC Shenzhen group human resources manager Chen Hongliang: how to clear, a clear grasp of the present group of all employees what information and data, because it is planning to deploy throughout the Air Group's human resources is very important.

This is not an easy thing, because Chen Hongliang where CATIC Shenzhen has more than 10,000 employees, which employs more than 10,000 Air Group subsidiary distributed in the high-tech industrial manufacturing, real estate Hotel, import and export trade, retailing and financial and securities business in various industries, both in the aviation industry,, mid, FIYTA, Shennan light and three other domestic and foreign listed companies; another Rainbow Shopping Centre, Shennan Circuit, Southern Trust, Southern Securities, China Aviation real estate, property management in the aircraft, the aviation business, Grand Skylight, industries and enterprises such as Shanghai hotel.

CATIC Shenzhen Holdings also known as China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Shenzhen Company, China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation of branches. Two decades, Shenzhen CATIC China's aviation industry relies on the strong technical strength and talent, high-tech industrial manufacturing as a leader, vigorously develop the tertiary industry, active in capital operation, forming a comprehensive, diversified group structure.

Many in such a business, the number of large conglomerates engaged in human resource management, does not a simple matter, the Group has developed early headquarters personnel management system used, however, because the limitations of technology at that time, the system has lagged No Now the whole group and not a unified platform for personnel information, scattered in dozens of key investment in the company's personnel information form filled out by hand the collection, so Group Headquarters could not clear check the company's personnel information, not to mention the more management decision-making support.

In 1999, CATIC Shenzhen Group Human Resources Manager Chen Hongliang had organized with the questionnaire in a survey done within the Group, he wanted to know within a few years in the Air of students entering basic information, major, and job changes, as a human resource policies. The results of this survey workload significantly, make paper form issued, but also a picture of recovery to come back and register. It took enormous effort done human resources, and the survey results soon lagged behind, because the group's personnel situation is changing over time.

In 2002, Chen Hongliang want to do it again this investigation, but the difficulty of manual investigation and time-too bad the problem emerged, the questionnaire is a small problem, really let Chen Hongliang confusion, if not clearly, explicitly to master all the staff present the Group's information and data, how human resources management to state decision-making, but also how to deploy the strategic planning group in the Air Group's human resources?

"People" management shortcomings

Chen Hongliang's worries are not unfounded, "questionnaire" on the apparent problem is the Air Group staff personnel is not clear enough grasp of basic information in a timely manner, but reflect the flight status of the Human Resources Management - is the current "personnel" management system and not linked to corporate strategic goals.

CNAC has set themselves a turnover of 3 years and strive to reach 80 billion goal: to create first class enterprise, sustained and rapid growth, but also access a number of sectors in a first-class (industry leaders).

However, the current personnel management system in the flight less lag, there is no system to build human resource systems, job responsibilities with the company without the development of strategic changes in re-defining the business goals are not passed down, the lack of fair and objective evaluation of staff and effective incentive mechanism. And human resource management system to bring greater consequences of delay is - staff attitudes and corporate culture lag, the concept of hysteresis, long-term relatively closed "mini environment" so that employees look "myopia", the lack of market awareness, and in the sense of crisis is not strong, poor awareness of internal and external aspects of the service; also too concerned about the level of vertical rather than horizontal cooperation; "Striving" mentality much less aggressive awareness.

In the modern enterprise system in the Group, strategic management systems and corporate culture necessary to grasp the system into two systems, Welch at GE in fact simply two things that develop strategies to promote culture, but GE's success, its real because it has very good management system the two strategic groups.

CATIC has already positioning strategy based holding company, and today the lag of human resources management system, making the Air Headquarters in developing strategies and promotion of culture as a constraint, it seems "human" management has become the management of Shenzhen Airlines short board, human resources management system reform is imperative.

But fundamentally to improve the "people" management shortcomings, the aircraft must be in the group management to human resources up to the strategic level, rather than on the insignificant position.

HR reform has started

CNAC Group headquarters is aware of this, in recognition of "people" managing short piece of board re-established after the concept of strategic human resources.

First half of 2003, Air China's human resources reform in the sail, and in June 2003, the aircraft and human resources consulting firm together and formed a group based human resources management consulting team, to implement the establishment of a modern human resources management system to ensure Group to achieve new strategic objectives of human resources management reform.

12 late, the project team carried out research, analysis, evaluation and design, clear positioning of the Group headquarters and holding-type group from the headquarters building strategy starting, adjusting the headquarters of five will be the framework and functions of the three.

Because the aircraft to the strategic positioning based holding company, on the exemplary role of the main investment company great, so decided to reform in the aircraft started from the Group Headquarters in order to "point" and finally to the impact of "surface" effect, in the headquarters of the implementation to performance management as the core human resources system.

In the "surface", they have an accurate real-time control group human resources information, in the context of a unified group of human resource planning, implementation, co-ordinate the introduction of talent, training and development.

Then another problem has emerged: Without an advanced IT system support, the Air How to be able to cure the complex performance management system down? HR Management Group is not a unified information platform, also relies on the previous manual, CNAC how the whole group of unified planning of human resources?

HR management platform to establish the demand has been ready to go, need is a proper time and opportunity!

HR - to bypass the "personalized" trap

By the end of October 2003 when the new human resources management system implemented in the headquarters of Air Group officially launched, of which the most representative of the performance appraisal. This is the best opportunity for a HR implementation, can be moved to a new IT system management results in curing the program down.

CNAC need to do is to find a suitable product with the right partner, but for this CATIC Shenzhen is also a test!

HR's selection is not an easy task, even difficult to ERP selection, Why?

ERP Human Resources Management System and the biggest difference is the individual demands of its high human resource management is precisely the competitiveness of individual expression.

Each group will have very many companies belonging to the Group's unique management model and method, while the subordinate enterprises and diverse geographical features and management, as the group of companies, applications are also very much the role of HR, human resources need to be able to meet the different demands of different roles, especially in Shenzhen CATIC Group building such a comprehensive HR, personalized color must be very strong.

IT system requirements of personalization and management software industry in recent years between the generalization of the most troublesome problem, CATIC Shenzhen can bypass this trap?

Kingdee company began in 1996 with the Air Group on cooperation in the financial system, makes a good basis for several years in cooperation with Air China Kingdee special trust, and as early as in 2002, the aircraft would have had to contact with HR and the Golden Butterfly, Golden Butterfly is a national HR R & D companies started earlier, but also have a strong ability to continue to develop, so the flight decided to toss his old partner olive branches - Kingdee.

Although chosen their own trusted partner, Chen Hongliang heart has not completely put aside, because CATIC Shenzhen new human resources management system, when not considered in the establishment of software problems.

The program is fully integration into the Kingdee K/3-HR system? K / 3 system to reflect authentic original purpose of this program do? Air China may fall into the HR in the "personalized" trap it? Some worry about these issues so that Chen Hongliang.

However, the fact that Chen Hongliang concern is unnecessary, through joint efforts, Kingdee on the K / 3 system, a series of adjustments and amendments, Kingdee of HR management platform with the management program to achieve consistent and authentic to carry Reconstruction of human resources in the aviation program.

Kingdee is how successful HR projects in the bypass route "personalized" trap it? Chen Hongliang is so summarized: "First, Kingdee products are very common in the flexibility and applicability, the second, Kingdee's R & D personnel, the timely implementation of the consultants to do some fine-tuning their products for themselves according to their actual business the situation, leaving room for the program, not to say that the system is dead, can not move. so this program meets the requirements of aviation human resources reform. "

Advanced software products appear to HR projects to ensure the basic conditions for individual needs, K/3-HR itself is based on the advanced development of basic theories of human resource management, which ensures consistent fundamentally new management system in the aircraft; platform-based, component-based development approach and reduces the difficulty of the secondary development.

Another important point is that software companies have the ability to use various resources, through strong enforcement mechanisms to their own internal service well, and has extensive experience in the industry.

Performance management is not illusory

Speaking of performance management, from the "balanced scorecard" to "360-degree assessment", "strategic map of France," "Rule of Thirds", the fashionable ideas and methods emerging, but nobody seems to be more loss of: KPI indicators can not be assessing a strategy the required behavior; any case assessment, the last employees and managers often are most concerned about is money; from the consulting firm received a set of Jixiaoguanli program only to let HR department think a lot of extra work, and did not bring results upgrade.

Performance management is not really fancy it?

CATIC Shenzhen Holdings Headquarters to eat a return to "crab", and establish a performance management system as the core, early in April 2004, Kingdee, consultants, CNAC Group held a discussion session to improve performance appraisal. CNAC Headquarters current performance appraisal application formulation of goals, assignment, evaluation, query, queries, and so full salary for the application in K/3-HR.

Human resources manager in the aviation Chen Hongliang view, performance management is in itself a form of management by objectives, the company's value-oriented system, the target management should be a hierarchical management program in the Air, value orientation, management by objectives These principles can be reflected very well, and Kingdee the HR system also embodies the principles of hierarchical management, goal management principles.

Although on-line application system after a period of time, staff resistance is inevitable, first, the change in the way of work, irregular work flow to a cure of information platform, the staff were very accustomed to. Second, the human resources reform took away a part of the staff, which many employees feel puzzled and feel pressure.

But after a quarter of the assessment, the majority of employees have approved the performance appraisal, because it makes employees feel truly improve the quality of the staff time to the beginning of each evaluation cycle, develop their own goals, when the appraisal cycle is make a assessment, management itself down calmly about his work. If it is important positions in the value of the work of employees engaged in creative, concerned with their own performance goals are completed; stronger if service employees, were concerned about their behavior in the work cycle, attitude.

The middle managers also felt on the organizational performance improvement Bang Zhu, Tong Guo K/3-HR 绯荤粺, one of HRM Dada improve the efficiency of staff of the department be able to see li each cycle in a matter do each , to extract the key, to prevent the department system caused major omission and bias.

At the same time, it may not reasonable or HR structure is a lot of work flow is not smooth, may not lead to reflection and research enterprises, and the use of system, the entire group of human resource management processes and systems to conduct a more in-depth thinking and management Shun has played a significant role in the promotion and supervision. The performance appraisal system can enhance higher and lower levels of interaction, motivation and pressure transmission, and management of the core fact is that communication.

CNAC's experience tells us that performance management is not illusory, in order to deliver value-oriented companies as a fundamental objective, to establish a system for their posts, performance, compensation system, solidified with IT systems and continuous improvement in practice it , of course, from workers, managers have great importance to management is a fundamental principle.

To spring in the Air

In fact, done only in the Air Group's first step in the reform of human resources. The next step, CNAC Group headquarters will start cooperation with Kingdee investment in affiliated enterprises focus on promoting the personnel information collection, management, application. This is also in the implementation of Air China Group, a human resources system is one important reason.

This will change the subordinate enterprise personnel are manually fill in information gathering mode. Now if the whole group of human resources information platform built Well, you can check the implementation of all personnel information, rapid decision-making for management. Has now completed the major subordinate personnel management applications have invested enterprises in the Air live, FIYTA, Shanghai Hotel, Shennan circuit backbone enterprises.

Although the HR reform is not finished, but the "efficacy" has been reflected in little by little, slowly: HR strategy work to rise to the height of human resources for the company and employees to create effective value; staff performance appraisal and comprehensive in the group headquarters application, employees, managers, management system implementation in the daily management of performance appraisal; employees increased market awareness with a sense of crisis to break the "Striving" mentality, the company's goals on each level, employees have the "pressure" feeling .

Management was up a little short board on the Shenzhen Air radiate the energy, enterprise group in China today is bigger and stronger may still be as dead as the dinosaurs, the most critical organizational vitality is "doing alterations."

"QUICKER" the CATIC Shenzhen, not far from their own spring.

Interview Notes:

"Fog management" in the group management

Thousands of years ago, Emperor Qin Shi Huang unified China for the first time when they see a reason, to control better the original is dispersed in all counties, to seize the two things - property rights and human rights, on the one hand demanding that the local tax paid to central government, On the other hand requested the appointment and removal from the central to local officials. Concentration of financial power and personnel to rely on the right, although because of Ying Zheng of Qin Dynasty and short-lived tyranny, but in central and local control has been doing very well.

But back to two thousand years later, for walking in the "group" of the way of Chinese enterprises, good group management, financial and personnel remain the two most important factors, but has long been the concentration of power is not simple and crude on it. Take the group of personnel management, the subordinate enterprises keep a firm hold on the core leadership of CEO and CFO appointments of members rights and management rights, it is a personnel management in the Group's basic principles, but this is only the most basic, because The group enterprise management, in addition to control of personnel, more importantly, management and deployment of optimization of the entire group of human resources.

Because the irreversible wave of global economic integration, the Chinese group enterprises, owned by the funds, scale, technology and other advantages are very short, and only continued to build the competitiveness of human resources business to Everlasting!

More and more Chinese companies are taking on the road in the grouping, whether it is through integration of resources in the SAC restructuring large state-owned enterprises, or entered the fast-growing business of private enterprises have diversified, but "management fog" and the more and more thick enveloped them. In this context see, CATIC Shenzhen in human resources management reform to make the testing of particular significance with samples - Design strategic human resource management system and the use of IT means to cure, so changes in the flight of human resources and information , whether the motivation, process, outcome or lessons, setbacks are rare experience.


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